Ammune™ Actively Protects APIs in Real Time

Securing APIs Inline with the Highest Level of Accuracy,  Against the Most Advanced Cyber Attacks, on Cloud & On-Premise 


Ammune™ is a Fully Automated AI-Based API Security Solution

With its unique approach to analyzing traffic, leveraged by its groundbreaking technology that delivers distinct competitive advantages, L7 Defense received Frost & Sullivan’s 2020 Global Product Leadership Award for its fully autonomous AI-based machine leaning API security solution

Product Leadership | Award 2020

Inline, Highly Accurate Protection

Identifying malicious traffic at a very high precision in real time, utilizing advanced AI/ML technology

Out-of-the-Box Automated Solution

Plug & Play solution that starts protecting APIs and Apps immediately after its deployment, with almost no need for human intervention along time 

Cloud Native Solution with Inherent Elastic Scalability

Scalable container-based native cloud solution, which is also easy to deploy at private datacenters, with optional high-availability cluster configuration

Zero Trust
by Design

Performing full DPI of HTTP/s traffic (requests and response) at API resolution as part of the overall AI/ML traffic analysis, assuming that all traffic is potentially malicious

Ammune™ is a Fully Automated AI-Based API Security Solution


The API-WAF module protects APIs from malicious content-based (“classical”) attacks that appear in the “OWASP Top 10” – APIs and Applications security lists.
Performing in real time, the module conducts full deep packet inspection (DPI), followed by AI/ML analysis of requests and replies that are passing through, making it the ultimate first line of API protection.

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The API-BL module protects APIs from Business Logic (BL) attacks that can lead to forbidden data or functionality access, or to abused business processes and fraud. These attacks partially appear in the “OWASP Top 10 – API security list”, while additional attack types were added by L7Defense.
The module performs in-session traffic analysis to identify these attack patterns in RT, including session and historical data points. Together with the API-WAF module, it completes the first line of protection.
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The API-BOT module protects APIs from business-related bot attacks as they appear in the “Automated Threats to Web Applications” list, also known as “OWASP Top 20”.
The module performs real-time full deep packet inspection (DPI), followed by near real-time AI/ML analysis of the API(s) traffic, content, context, and metadata, using specific bot activity measurements that are made according to bot type activity characteristics.
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The API-DDoS module protects APIs from DDoS attacks tailored against specific API(s). These attacks may use camouflage techniques, such as rotating source IPs or requests content randomization while using optimization algorithms to decide on the next wave of attack.
The module performs real-time deep packet inspection (DPI), followed by AI/ML analysis of the API(s) traffic in order to find exceptional API-related resource consumption within seconds.
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Ammune™ Unprecedented Sophistication

“Ammune™ contains an unsupervised learning model that monitors and analyzes data in real-time, identifying and stopping even subtle, stealthy attacks and effectively mitigating these without prior knowledge of the attack pattern parameters.

Ammune™, unlike traditional network traffic analysis tools, takes a bottom-up analysis line of action. It analyzes every API as separate units, iteratively builds negative and positive profiles of any API that spots and stops emerging threats that would otherwise go unnoticed”
Frost & Sullivan

Protect Your APIs Anytime, Anywhere

API (Internet) Companies

Rapid APIs changes are essential to keep business going. Inappropriate APIs protection solution may slow revenue’s growth and keep the company at a high level of cyber risk.

Ammune™ builds highly accurate protection for each new (or interface altered) API, seconds after its discovery, and starts immediately to protect it. It keeps the revenue steams in place, with very low operational costs.

Financial Institutions

Cloud frontend with legacy (on premise) backend tiers through APIs exposes financial institutions to cybersecurity risk.

Ammune™ is designed to protect APIs at a very high-quality level with minimal ongoing manual activities, enabling faster time to market (TTM) with no compromise regarding cyber security.


APIs changes require adjusting and testing according to the cyber security procedures, which is tedious, time-consuming, and expensive.

Ammune™ reduces this extra time and cost as well as API security risks in real time. It is the perfect cyber defense solution to maintain the competitive edge without any additional time-to-market (TTM) delays.

Telecommunication Companies

The digital transformation of telcos consist of APIs and Apps moving into public clouds (Google, Azure and AWS), which on the downside exposes APIs to cyber security risks.

Ammune™ operates and protects APIs and Apps in the cloud and on premise by automatically discovering any exposure followed by tailoring an AI-based, accurate, and immediately activated protection policy for each API.

Industrial Companies

API-based communication is the lifeblood of Industry 4.0, making APIs an attractive potential target for cyber attacks. Currently, setting it up and maintaining an API-protection policy is a time-consuming and costly process.

Since API changes are made along the way, Ammune™ continuously updates its policies accordingly, protecting these APIs inline.

Technology Alliances

Ammune™ is deployed in public clouds and local on-premise datacenters worldwide, operating as a  standalone or hybrid solution in these environments.

L7 Defense operates at leading public clouds, collaborating with major tech vendors, to provide organizations with top-notch inline API security.

Ammune™ is a Fully Automated AI-Based API Security Solution